SNS, SQS or both?

This is an overview of SNS (Simple Notification Service), SQS (Simple Queue Service) and how they can be used in isolation or together to send persistent and immediate messages.


Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Beautiful Data Visualisations

This is the story of the Seattle music scene of the 90s, Throwback Thursday, and some beautiful data visualisations.


6 Ways to Search with System Tables

Your database doesn’t just contain your data. It also contains data about your data.


How To Rock Your First Tech Talk

If you take nothing else from this post, remember that people are there to see you succeed. You have something to offer and should give a tech talk a try.


Which EC2 is right for you?

EC2 is a service that provides virtual machines in the cloud. You only pay for the capacity you use and choose from ‘families’ of instance types.


The Great Migration: From SQL Server to AWS Aurora

Over the last nine months I’ve been leading a project to migrate 60 users from a legacy SQL Server database to a fit for purpose AWS Aurora database.


10 Ways to Tweak Slow Running Queries

Before you rage quit or call in your DBA, check these things aren’t slowing down your SQL query. A few tweaks could be all you need to get things working.


What’s in the Bucket?

Objects. That’s what. S3 (Simple Storage Service) is used to store objects and flat files in ‘buckets’ in the Cloud.


My Tech Journey: Advice for Career Switchers

This is the story of my journey so far, I’m looking forward to what comes next with more challenging projects and working with others making the change.