We are almost at the end of 2018, so it’s time for reflection and a look back at my favourite posts from the year gone by. In no particular order, here is my Top 7 from dev.to.

I want it now

Alan’s posts have me nodding along in agreement and grateful that it’s not just me that struggles in the BI world with scope creep, buzzword bingo, that requester who needs everything urgently every. single. time. and whether everyone needs self-service BI.

But my favourite post is ‘Veruca Sales and the Just Give Me Everything Routine,’ talking about the frustrations, and ways to tackle the problem of those who request EVERYTHING from a data set because they expect the answer to their problem will jump out at them if they have all 500M rows and 400 columns emailed over in a handy dandy spreadsheet.


The dev.to review

Dan and Malik brighten my Wednesday morning with their dev.to review. This episode featured one of my SQL articles alongside the other top posts from the week. I really appreciate the discussion and banter between the two hosts and the all-important ‘hosts choice’ and outro music.

If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, go check it out, they will be back in 2019 with more from dev.to.


Join all the things!

Katie is another data expert I really admire on dev.to. Katie uses SQL and Python to make things work for users of Salesforce and writes comprehensive but approachable posts. My favourite post was on SQL JOINs, I’m really looking forward to reading more from Katie in 2019.


Making the VPC happen

Getting my head around building a VPC and all the complexity in contains was one of my goals for the latter part of the year. This article from Graham put the concepts into language that was easier to understand than the docs and gave me the confidence to explore further.


Study hard

Kyle writes about AWS and published this article earlier in the year on his experiences with the AWS certification exams. I especially appreciated the strategies for creating a study plan to cover all the content and making a plan for what to do before the day of the exam.


Test, test and test again

I don’t know a whole lot about testing or how QAs and developers do what they do when preparing to do a release. That’s why I really enjoyed this post from Jess who covers off different types of testing, where, when and why they should be used.


Read all about it

I like learning from books and I’m glad it’s still something that, in the age of online learning, people do to upskill. Rhymes wrote this post – part book review, part trip down memory lane, about the books found piled up at home. I really enjoyed the discussion and recommendations in the comments.

Speaking of comments … did you know Rhymes has made almost 2000 comments? There should be an award for that.


There you have it, my top 7 from 2018 and the last post of the year. See you in 2019!



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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