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Hi, I'm Helen. I'm a data analyst, technical writer, product manager, and AWS Data Hero. I interpret the story behind the numbers, shape the voice of the product and grow developer communities.

The importance of database modernisation

Technology is moving fast, and it’s important to keep up. This isn’t just to chase the next ‘shiny thing,’ but to take advantage of improvements to security, tooling, and performance.

Nevertheless, she coded

This is my contribution to the 2020 International Women’s Day Celebration

SaaS metrics: what do the acronyms mean?

This post helps to demystify those three-letter terms that get thrown around the tech world in Sales, Marketing and Finance and how they can help measure success.

How to onboard new teammates

Onboarding is often an afterthought and something you may not do often. Making it a formal and repeatable process is just as important as all the work that goes to recruitment.

Hiring a data analyst

Everything you need to know about identifying and hiring Data Analysts in one handy guide

Designing the data team

Whatever your reasoning for a Data Team there is some planning and some tough questions to ask yourself before you engage a recruiter.