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Data democracy or data anarchy?

Achieving data democracy without sliding into anarchy means teams can learn more about customers, products, and their industry

Shaping your team culture

You don’t have to be a big team to create an environment where your team are engaged, cooperative, and have the tools to succeed.

Avoiding imposter syndrome driven development

Here’s how to recognise what you’re feeling, that it’s normal, and some strategies to feel better.

25 ways to excel with Excel

It doesn’t replace databases and BI tools for reporting, but Excel is just what you need for quick analysis and cleansing of small data sets

Advice for new analysts and developers

These are my favourite pieces of advice, from learning new skills, communicating with your team and being kind to yourself.

Things to consider when writing your next blog post

Writing a blog post is an art and a science. Having a plan keeps me focused while allowing flexibility to sprinkle in some personality.