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Beginner-friendly posts on relational database basics, ad hoc analysis, and reporting.

25 ways to excel with Excel

It doesn’t replace databases and BI tools for reporting, but Excel is just what you need for quick analysis and cleansing of small data sets

SaaS metrics: what do the acronyms mean?

This post helps to demystify those three-letter terms that get thrown around the tech world in Sales, Marketing and Finance and how they can help measure success.

Conditional logic with the CASE expression

CASE is SQL’s answer to other programming languages IF-ELSE statement. If you need to test a condition and return a value CASE is the expression you need.

Why you need SQL Window Functions (part 2)

SQL Server Window Functions are incredibly powerful and allow us to access a total from another row and bucket data to show top performers.

Why you need SQL Window Functions (part 1)

SQL window functions are incredibly powerful and allow us to see the rows in a table with a new column showing a running total, rank or moving average.

SQL Aggregate Functions and Mariah Carey

Aggregate functions bring your data to life.
They allow you to take a standard table and use a function or two to build metrics and answer questions about the data.