Add-Ons for Google Sheets

If you’re new to Google Sheets there are some quick add-ons you can use to add functionality and make it feel more like Excel.

Power Tools

The one stop shop for the functionality you are missing from Excel.  Power Tools lets you split cells, remove duplicates, change case, find and clean up data at the click of a button.

It also gives you tools that Excel doesn’t, like exporting to XML or JSON, merging sheets and randomising data.

Table Styles

This easy to use addon allows you to style your table the same way you do in Excel.

Whether you chose to use the standard colour ranges or use your company colours, it makes the data easier to read when presenting.

Find Fuzzy Matches

Typos happen, data needs cleansing and human error mean you need to check your data is consistent.

The fuzzy matches addon identifies duplicates, or almost duplicates, that can be either changed on the spot or exported to a new sheet.

This is incredibly handy when dealing with data entry or deduping lists of company names.

Mapping Sheets

Power Map for Excel is a powerful tool for presenting the location of your sales leads or contacts.

But as it isn’t currently supported for those who use a Mac, Mapping Sheets is the next best thing.

Simply enter the address fields into the template and produce a map with locations pinned in Google Maps.

Google Analytics

Use this addon to get access to and query your Google Analytics account, control who sees the data and how it is presented.

This has been useful for creating dashboards for those who don’t want to get lost in Google Analytics itself.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography from Pexels