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10 takeaways from AWS re:Invent

These are the key things I learned about the new releases, the experiences from other companies and words of wisdom about company culture.

My re:Invent: from A to Z

My first AWS re:invent was exciting, busy and I learned a whole lot.

AWS Cloud Practitioner exam tips

I sat my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam using the new online option at work on my own laptop. Here’s what happened.

AWS cost optimisation

Cost optimisation can be made easier by tracking usage through tags and using AWS tools to review what can be switched off or scaled down.

AWS security

This post will take you through the security services AWS offers and best practices they recommend to keep what’s in the Cloud safe.

Free AWS services

Getting your head around costs is part of studying for AWS Certifications. But did you know there are services which have no cost at all?