Hi, I’m Helen

I’m a Business Intelligence Consultant currently at Xero in Wellington, New Zealand. I love to interpret the story behind the numbers, create clear useful content, and deliver projects that solve business problems and empower users.

I’m an AWS Data Hero and a Distinguished Author on Dev.to where you can find me writing beginner-friendly articles on SQL and AWS.

Feel free to send me a message on Twitter!

What I do

data analysiscontent creationcloud computingdata education

Recent Projects

Database Migration

Led project to deliver AWS Aurora database for 60+ Analysts, gathering requirements, running workshops, rationalising and migrating existing SQL Server saving 4TBs of disc, managing rollout and onboarding.

Data Education

Increased Analysts self-sufficiency by developing an education programme to coach them on how to manage stakeholders, do more with BI tools and write more efficient SQL.

Data Democratisation

Led project to develop a searchable hub for documentation and promoted the Data Team’s value to Developers by rolling out and managing the team’s blog.

Data Community Outreach

Distinguished Author and Community Moderator on Dev.to writing articles on SQL and AWS with over 450,000 views and 40,000 followers. Recently named one of the first AWS Data Heroes.

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