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Shaping your team culture

You don’t have to be a big team to create an environment where your team are engaged, cooperative, and have the tools to succeed.

Avoiding imposter syndrome driven development

Here’s how to recognise what you’re feeling, that it’s normal, and some strategies to feel better.

Being kind while working in lockdown

Keeping the focus on your family, your wellness and communicating with your workmates will help you get through this. Be kind to yourself and others. You’re doing great.

How to onboard new teammates

Onboarding is often an afterthought and something you may not do often. Making it a formal and repeatable process is just as important as all the work that goes to recruitment.

Hiring a data analyst

Everything you need to know about identifying and hiring Data Analysts in one handy guide

Designing the data team

Whatever your reasoning for a Data Team there is some planning and some tough questions to ask yourself before you engage a recruiter.