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Shaping your team culture

You don’t have to be a big team to create an environment where your team are engaged, cooperative, and have the tools to succeed.

Advice for new analysts and developers

These are my favourite pieces of advice, from learning new skills, communicating with your team and being kind to yourself.

What your interviewer really wants to know

When it comes to the tech interview, the interviewer is looking for not only technical knowledge but cultural fit, and how you communicate.

Advice for career switchers

This is the story of my journey so far, I’m looking forward to what comes next with more challenging projects and working with others making the change.

How to level up your career

This post is about some changes you can make in how you think about your projects, teammates and approach to your work that will make a big difference.

You should write that blog post

You should write that blog post you’ve been thinking about.